Stay Off-Grid For Two Weeks Fully-Powered With Bowlus’ Latest Luxury Trailer

Born in Illinois in 1896, Hawley Bowlus was an American designer and engineer that played a key role in pioneering the US’ early aviation industry. After honing his skills working on aviation and glider projects for the US military, Bowlus would apply his design and engineering knowledge to the emerging trailer segment to deliver the Bowlus Road Chief, the first aluminum riveted camper — a design that Airstream would imitate just two years later.

Today, the Bowlus company remains in operation today, producing luxury camper trailers with an unmistakable vintage appearance. And the latest ultra-plush product from Bowlus is the brand’s “Terra Firma.” The new limited edition model was designed for extended off-grid stays, and as such boasts a Lithium-battery pack system that can fully power the trailer for an entire fortnight. Other noteworthy new elements include the company’s first GPS tracking system, a smart brake controller, a super quick and easy 60-Second Hitch connection, heated floors, UCV lighting and HEPA air purifiers, water filtration systems, and a touchscreen-controlled power management setup. There are also a few new pet-friendly additions such as pull-out water and food dishes. Available now, the Bowlus Terra Firma Trailer starts at $265,000.

Purchase: $265,000+