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This Aluminum Yacht-Inspired Camper Trailer Is Completely Bespoke

A mobile home is an ideal option for those who crave the freedom of the open road and changing scenery. For those looking to see the world and enjoy nature on weekends or a daily basis, the Bowlus Road Chief Wave Bespoke Edition trailer is an ideal mobile shelter built for adventure.

Inspired by the world of racing yachts, the Wave Bespoke Edition romanticizes the joy of traveling. The luxury trailer has a heavy-duty 2024 aircraft-grade aluminum exterior that’s polished by hand for a mirror-like finish. Inside you’ll find birch, walnut, and anodized aluminum, combining to form a beautiful aesthetic that’s durable for the modern adventurer. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, independent torsion suspension, and high ground clearance, the trailer is no stranger to off-roading. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy life on the road in this 26-foot trailer, including a marine-specced pure sine 2,000W inverter, 4 kWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries, Bluetooth power management system, mounted Bowlus Road Chief branded journal, and a bedroom with 100% linen bedding. The limited-edition trailer is available for $225,000.

Purchase: $225,000