Bowlus Road Chief Lithium+

Aug 29, 2016

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While air travel seems to be the preferred method of getting out of town these days, there’s still nothing like hitching the trailer up to an SUV and cruising into the wild to mellow out for awhile. Maybe it’s old school or archaic but there certainly is a sense of relaxation that overwashes the soul as you watch the cityscape disappear behind you in the rear view. Luckily, if you feel the same way and are in the market for a camping trailer, the Bowlus Road Chief Lithium+ is the perfect option for a luxury camping experience.

Bowlus Road Chief LLC first built the original riveted-aluminum travel trailers back in the 1930s. Now, they’re back in action with the Limited Edition Lithium+. It features a lithium-iron-phosphate battery system that allows campers to remain online while in the backcountry for more than a week and the Chief also comes equipped with an 8000 BTU air conditioner, 120-watt solar panels, two huge skylights for stargazing, a bedroom cabin, 3×5 foot bathroom with indoor shower, plush living room, kitchen and much more. If you’re interested however we suggest you act fast because only 50 of these trailers will ever make it to production. Pricing is available upon request. [Purchase]

Bowlus Road Chief 2

Bowlus Road Chief 1

Bowlus Road Chief 3

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Bowlus Road Chief 5

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