B&W Raises The Bar In The High-Fidelity Speaker Space With The 800 D4 Series

Bowers & Wilkins has long stood as one of the world’s most celebrated audio and speaker companies, and the British brand looks to maintain its stranglehold on the space via the release of an updated version of what were already some of the most lauded hi-fi loudspeakers on earth with the introduction of the new and massively improved B&W 800 D4 Series.

Now offered in a new satin walnut finish — as well as in the existing rosewood, black, or white options — the 800 D4 Series is comprised of a full suite of cabinet and floor speakers and features all-new cabinet designs that retain B&W’s signature aluminum billet Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top setup while adding a new cast aluminum top section adorned in genuine Leather by Connolly. Also including three entirely new speaker models, this new range benefits from the use of a composite Continuum Cone that was born out of an extensive eight-year R&D process, as well as an all-new composite Biomimetic Suspension system that’s being used in lieu of a traditional fabric spider arrangement. Other noteworthy additions include computer-modeled “Aerofoil” composite bass cones with carbon-fiber skins and light syntactic foam cores, plus the midrange drive units in the collection also get an all-aluminum Turbine Head enclosure. For updates, or to learn more about the forthcoming Bowers & Wilkins 800 D4 Series speakers, you can check out the company’s website linked below.

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