Boundary Prima Modular Backpack

We find ourself frequently lugging around a lot of gear with us in our day-to-day. The problem is, while we need it all sometimes, we’d like to lighten our load for those moments we don’t. It’s that exact problem that the folks at Boundary have tried to solve with their Prima Modular Backpack System; and they might just be onto something.

While the main pack is impressive on its own – offering 25-30 liters of storage – it also comes with two secondary removable modular packs that offer another 10+ liters of extra storage. They are the Verge (think of this sub-pack like an on-the-go camera pack) and the Field Space (a tech EDC-style organizer). All three can be used together or separately, are crafted from 750D nylon Duramax Koda, and come equipped with YKK Stormguard zippers. And that’s just the beginning – as each of the three offers their own specialized compartmental storage, making them both superb on their own and unmatched as a complete set. Back this EDC project on Kickstarter now starting at $189.

Kickstarter: $189+