Bottpower XR1R

Every now and then a side project becomes something a bit more, where a builder’s true talents are brought to the forefront thanks to uninhibited opportunities for creativity. Meet Bottpower, one such sideline of builder David Sanchez while he worked for the likes of Moto2, Supersport, and Endurance. His new build, the XR1R, exemplifies such talent.

David wanted to achieve a power to weight ratio of 1:1 with this build. So with a powerful 1203cc Buell Thunderstorm V-Twin engine pushing out up to 150hp this had to be a daunting task. A portion of the weight was trimmed thanks to the titanium spine frame featuring carbon fiber for the bodywork and fuel tank. It also features a fresh finish from the core of engineers at the Valencia facility. So for those interested in getting themselves hooked up in a similar manner, they can order the parts for this kit on their website and even arrange for a full build from the Bottpower team.

Bottpower XR1R 6

Bottpower XR1R 9

Bottpower XR1R 3

Bottpower XR1R 4

Bottpower XR1R 2

Bottpower XR1R 7

Bottpower XR1R 9