Bottpower XC1 Cafe Racer

For those looking to validate the cliche that great things come in small packages, look no further than the Bottpower XC1. Built upon an iconic Buell 2008 XB12SS, this cafe racer’s design toes the line between a classic outfit and a futuristic street bike.

This bike is the product of famed race engineer, David Sanchez who tours on the Superbike European Championship and, when not competing, runs an advanced custom shop in Valencia, Spain.
The entire transformation here was kit-based, meaning Bottpower sells every component. It’s also designed to put together without the need to cut or weld anything, a bonus for any bike enthusiast. For this model, Sanchez retained the wheels, suspension, swingers and brakes of the original XB-series but removed the twin spar so that everything hangs off the steel backbone. Bottpower also switched out the front fender, headlight, foot pegs and triple clamps as well. The first model just recently shipped and Bottpower is willing and able to assemble additional models as they move forward with this project. [Via: Bike Exif]

Bottpower XC1 Cafe Racer 2

Bottpower XC1 Cafe Racer 1

Bottpower XC1 Cafe Racer 3

Bottpower XC1 Cafe Racer 4

Bottpower XC1 Cafe Racer 5

Bottpower XC1 Cafe Racer 7

Bottpower XC1 Cafe Racer 6