BottleLoft Magnetic Beer Holders

The Charlotte based team at Strong Like Bull Magnets have used their expertise to create a product that all of us guys would love to have in our homes – the BottleLoft.

With our constant pizza deliveries and six-pack purchases, refrigerator space is quite limited. BottleLoft looks to free up some of that space. Designed by Brian Conti, this ingenious little device allows your beer bottles to be suspended by magnetic strips, leaving more space on the actual shelves of the fridge. Each strip has been outfitted with 3M adhesive on one side, while the other side features three neodymium magnets to let you seamlessly hang everything from bottles to jars. You can arrange the BottleLoft in any order you’d like, helping you further maximize that valuable fridge real estate. And these aren’t your ordinary dull magnets. These magnets are strong, like seriously strong. In fact in the promo video you can see the magnets easily pick up a 10-pound barbell plate – which should be strong enough to hold your beer. Check out the video below. [Purchase]

BottleLoft 2

BottleLoft 3

BottleLoft 4

BottleLoft 5