Boston Dynamics’ Latest AI Robot Promises To Increase Warehouse Efficiency

In spite of our collective arrogance, the recent blockage of the Suez Canal shows how fragile the global economy still is, with the stuck ship causing massive shipping delays. But Boston Dynamics’ latest robot has the potential to help streamline global trade by making warehouses more efficient.

Dubbed Stretch, the latest creation from the mad geniuses at Boston Dynamics is a mobile, autonomous, box-moving robot outfitted with a long, lightweight, flexible arm. Affixed to the end of Stretch’s arm is a smart-gripper with advanced sensing and controls that can handle all sorts of different payloads, while its state-of-the-art vision systems ensure that it always knows how to handle each task. Stretch is mounted on a small, omnidirectional mobile base, which allows the bot to maneuver in tight spots and move around its environment as needed. Perhaps the main benefit of Stretch is that there is no need to set up additional automation infrastructure outside of the robot itself, as is the case with other warehouse machines, making Stretch far more appealing to smaller warehouse owners. You can learn more about Stretch by heading over to the Boston Dynamics website.

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