Bosse Tools Ergonomic Shovels

When it comes to innovation, we aren’t typically looking to shovel manufacturers to step up to the plate. But considering how bad digging can be on your body, Bosse’s line of ergonomic shovels make perfect sense.

Designed to make your back-breaking work a bit more bearable, the brand first popped up on our radar last year when these household tools were nothing more than a concept. After a successful Kickstarter run, the Arizona based crew is bringing their offerings to the retail market – and they look even better than we expected. There are 3 shovels in the range, all of which are designed to tackle different tasks; a round point shovel, flat head shovel, and snow shovel for the upcoming winter season. Each one is outfitted with a fiberglass shaft, 16 gauge steel shovel head, and over-molded ASA plastic grip material. But it’s in the rotating center handle where all the magic happens. Improving your work posture while also extending your range of motion, each shovel features a die cast aluminum center handle attached to a 16 position locking mechanism that adjusts to your body. This is a whole new twist on the shovel of yesteryear. [Purchase]