Bose Soundwear Companion Speaker

For those who often find themselves hankering for some music but not wanting to either disturb others or block out their surrounding environment, the Bose SoundWear Companion Speaker is the perfect solution.

This in-between device allows users to listen to high fidelity music up-close without disturbing those around them or blocking out their surroundings. All one has to do is place the lightweight speaker on their neck, pair it with a device via Bluetooth, and press play. Users can adjust the volume thanks to buttons on the side, and even take and make phone calls. For those who listen to music most while out walking or working in the shop, Bose made sure to give the speaker a sweat and weather resistant build. For an added bit of personalization, users can purchase and throw on fabric covers to their SoundWear for an extra $30.

Purchase: $300