Fight Insomnia With Bose’s Scientifically-Proven Noise-Masking Sleepbuds II

Finding the time to rest after a long, strenuous day can be difficult. So when it’s finally time to set aside your work life, social interactions, and muses, what could be worse than audible distractions? While there are few things that can squander your productivity like nighttime noises that keep you from sleep, companies like Bose have been working to counteract them with their very own noise-isolating headphones. Cue the brand’s recently-revealed Sleepbuds II.

Bose kicked off the high-tech, in-ear sleep accessory genre with its original Sleepbud — a small, sleek, and comfortable earphone that could provide a countermeasure for light sleepers. Now, the brand has amplified its flagship model with a second generation. Calling upon improved noise masking, a new acoustic/electronic design, and a smaller, more streamlined enclosure, the aptly-named Sleepbud II features over 35 free, scientifically-produced tracks to help you fall asleep at night. After partnering with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Bose has finally created the perfect masking platform. Each unique track will mirror the frequencies of night-time notes, and provide neutral “tranquilities” to ensure that things like sirens, dogs, voices, and traffic are no longer an issue. Better yet, each bud is IPX4-rated, meaning it’s sweat- and water-resistant. Head to Bose’s website, where the Sleepbuds II is available for pre-order at $250.

Purchase: $250