Bose Proflight Aviation Headset

The constant rush of air out the icy windows, the shuffling of belongings, sometimes babies wailing, the occasional reverberant bell-ding of a flight attendant being summoned: airplanes can be noisy places. And while we passengers may have to deal with it, pilots need to be free from distraction. Designed for airline and commercial pilots, the new Bose Proflight Aviation Headset is miles above its competition in terms of sheer noise-cancelation. Airline pilots will be able to navigate and communicate without disruption from the engines, the buffeting wind (or any babies crying in the cabin) with the Bose Proflight Aviation Headset.

The smallest and most comfortable headset Bose has ever produced for the modern captain, the Bose Proflight Aviation welcomes a number of new features to equip the pilot with the ability to tailor their experience to their own auditory preferences. Three levels of noise cancellation allow the pilot to interface with non-radio sound to whatever degree they prefer. It also offers active equalization, to clarify and make more intelligible incoming transmissions, a noise-canceling microphone for outgoing transmissions’ clarity, and bluetooth capability with smart phones, tablets or laptops, maybe to listen to some music during a lull. If you’re a pilot, the Bose Proflight Aviation Headset will ensure that, even if there’s rough air on the outside, there’s no turbulence inside the cockpit.

Purchase: $1,000