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Bosch’s Transparent LCD Car Visor Uses AI To Precisely Block The Sun’s Rays

Driving in the early morning, or late afternoon has always been met with some form of discontent, especially when the sun is at the perfect angle to make your entire journey an eye-squinting affair. Luckily, Bosch has spent a significant amount of time reevaluating the almost hundred-year-old design of the automotive sun visor to bring it into modernity. The result? An LCD smart panel that can identify the sun’s location in relation to the driver, and act accordingly.

In a recent unveiling at CES, Bosch announced the Virtual Visor as a logical stepping stone for the automotive industry, utilizing artificial intelligence to recognize the sun’s location and block it in a precise manner, without interrupting the driver’s field-of-vision. By tracking the sun’s casted shadow on the motorist’s face, the LCD will apply accurate darkening using a series of polygonal shades, while the rest of the device remains transparent, optimizing, and reenvisioning the design of modern visors. While the smart peripheral is still in its conceptual stage, it was named “Best of Innovation” at this year’s CES 2020 Innovation Awards and will make debut at CES 2020 next week.

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