Bosch EasyCut 12 NanoBlade Mini Chainsaw

Whether you’ve got a delicate rose garden that needs the occasional trim or there’s an unwieldy oak tree in your backyard in need of some pruning, your go-to tool is probably a pair of garden shears. But that’s only because most chainsaws are too big, bulky, and messy. Well, Bosch has a solution to speed up your work without the mess with their new EasyCut 12 NanoBlade mini chainsaw.

Small enough to be operated with one hand, this cutting tool is delicate enough for precision cutting jobs, but powerful enough to get through them quickly and conveniently. That convenience is upped further by the fact that the EasyCut 12 is cordless – opting instead for a 12V battery pack. It’s also kept quiet and steady thanks to the tiny 4mm links that make up the chain and it doesn’t ever require oiling or sharpening. This miniature miracle tool can be yours for $197.

Purchase: $197