Bosch Anti-Skid Motorcycle Jet Thrusters

We’re all been there before: leaning into a steep curve, hitting a patch of loose gravel and inevitably sliding out. It’s a dangerous game without a doubt, and there’s little protection between you and the asphalt when laying your bike down. Fortunately, Bosch is researching ways to mitigate this dangerous scenario. And it involves jet thrusters.

Basically, the tech works like this. Once an installed sensor on your bike detects a slide occurring, it’ll trigger a mechanism that will fire gas from an airbag-type device that, in theory, would work to create a reverse thrust correcting the slid – uprighting the motorcycle in the process. No word on whether or not this tech will ever make it to market. But, if it did, Bosch claims the first two bikes to feature the so-called thrusters would be the Ducati Multistrada and the KTM 1290 Super Duke. Time, of course, will tell.

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