Streamline Your Life With The BoringPhone Minimalist Smartphone

Jul 3, 2019

Category: Tech

The “dumbphone” trend has been ongoing for a while now. And while we appreciate the idea of decluttering our tech, most of these pared-down cellular devices do away with too many beneficial features. The BoringPhone minimalist smartphone hopes to bridge that gap by offering everything you might need without any of the distractions.

As you can tell from a cursory glance, the BoringPhone looks, well, like a phone. It’s got a touchscreen display, onboard camera, built-in speakers, and it’s rectangular — just like we’ve come to expect. Where it differs, however, is in the onboard tech. You see, the BoringPhone runs on a special OS that piggybacks on top of the existing Android OS. What this means is that it allows for a wide variety of useful features — including calling, texting, GPS, music and podcast streaming, and can even be used as a hotspot. But that’s it — you can’t download any other unnecessary apps — like time-sucking video games or toxic social media — freeing your life of negatively-impactful distractions. It doesn’t even have email or web browsing, just to be extra careful. Back the project on Kickstarter now starting at $235.

Kickstarter: $235+

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