Boreas Waterproof Backpacks

You never know where life’s adventures will lead you. That’s why we’re huge advocates of being prepped for anything, and that includes your hiking pack. Whether you plan on crossing streams or trekking through a rain storm, Boreas’ Waterproof Packs are ready to roll.

The brand’s range currently includes two different bags. We have the 25-liter Echo bag along with the larger 35-liter Monterey bag. While the bags may be different sizes, they share all the same rugged qualities. Each bag is constructed from a durable TPU-coated 210D and 420D ripstop nylon, ensuring you never have to worry about bringing along a rain cover (although you’ll still need a good pair of hiking boots). Each bag is also outfitted with a draining side pocket for your wet gear to dry off, an external span pocket, and a molded & tuckable EVA foam suspension for all day comfort. Of course safety is also a priority, which is why Boreas equipped both packs with a reflective print in order to boost visibility. The Echo weighs just 820g while the Monterey is 1000g, and both come in a 2 different colors. [Purchase]

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