Boosted Electric Longboard 2nd Generation

Given how fast tech gets updated – one would assume we shouldn’t be too surprised hearing that Boosted has announced a brand new update to their beloved electric longboards. Yet still, in that odd moment between hearing about an update and normalizing to it, it is a little difficult to believe that the board needed an update in the first place. Yet here we are with a brand new 2nd Generation Boosted Board packed with more power and functions. Bring it on.

Users now have the ability to swap out brand new 199-watt batteries that give you a range of up to 14 miles so you can stay on the board for that much longer. Worried about keeping track of the charge on your board? No worries – just use the app that keeps track of your current trip and battery life. As if that were not enough, the brand has also shielded the battery and motor from water so you can jam through puddles without a worry, and have sourced an updated set of 80mm wheels and a new bamboo deck from Loaded. For those of you who like to ride around at night – there are new ports for a front and rear brake light. What a time to be alive. The new board will be available in July, with prices start at $1,000. [Purchase]

Boosted Board 2nd Generation 0

Boosted Board 2nd Generation 1

Boosted Board 2nd Generation 2