BoomCase U.S.S. Boomer

Take that Putin. Leave it to the good ol’ U.S.A to convert a vintage Russian Army Ammo Box into a pumping boombox. Formally used to house 7.62 Russian ammo, the U.S.S Boomer is made of solid wood now with over 100 watts of power and two 5.25” Peal woofers. Also featured are two dome tweeters and one flat mid-range speaker.

All told, with the U.S.S Boomer you get a frequency response of 55hz-20,000hz, all held within the 16”x14”x6” classic ammo box that weights under 14 pounds. Each BoomCase is rechargeable and boasts a battery life of over 18 hours on a full charge. They also come equipped with a battery meter so there are no unwelcome interruptions during playback. And for those wireless users on the run, shoulder straps and Bluetooth wireless capabilities are available for an additional $35 and $45 respectively. Available for $745. [Purchase]