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Boom’s XB-1 Aims To Be The World’s First Carbon-Neutral Supersonic Jet

The industry revolving around international flight isn’t always the largest proponent of eco-conscious travel, and that’s become increasingly clear thanks to various studies that have been released over the course of the past decade. To remedy the inherent pollution-potential of large-transport airliners, Boom has decided to craft the XB-1 — a supersonic jet that aims to be entirely carbon-neutral.

As a preliminary project to usher in the brand’s supersonic commercial airliner, Overture, Boom has devised an innovative airframe to take on some of the industry’s most progressive traits and materials. Relying on newly-adopted, carbon-neutral jet fuel from Prometheus Fuels, carbon offsetting, and various electrical systems that will utilize renewable sources to keep the XB-1 in flight, the company is confident that the supersonic structure will change the face of next-gen travel. A sleek, futuristic exterior, bespoke components, and tooling, and a forward-looking visual system that will allow pilots to view real-time footage via the cockpit’s various displays have been implemented to aid the XB-1 in its endeavor to break the boundaries of in-flight emissions. Head to Boom’s website to learn more, and look for an impending release/testing date in the summer of 2020.

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