BONX Grip Group Talk System

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We all know the best outdoor adventures are those shared with others. This is a notion that rings true for backpacking, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, running, and even snowboarding. Fortunately, thanks to the BONX Group Talk System, keeping in touch while out and about is as easy as wearing a wireless earbud.

That’s because BONX allows you and up to 10 friends to communicate privately with unlimited range wherever your phone has reception. The key here is that each device maintains a connection even when the signal is weak and will work to notify you when a network is lost or muted. As for functionality, voice activity detection enables you to keep the conversation going without ever touching a button while a dual-microphone with digital noise-canceling technology yields clear sound in even the most extreme conditions. Each device is also water/shock resistant, boasts a lengthy battery life, and comes in four unique colorways to fit any personal preference. Available now in two-pack options as well to help cut costs.

Purchase: $140