Bombtrack Multix Tool for Bikes

Hoping to repair your mountain bike out on the trail meant you had to weigh yourself down with a whole fix-it kit, when only a couple of tools were actually required. Well, now there’s the Multix Tool which is your go-everywhere bike fixin’ piece of kit that is small enough to be mounted beneath your seat.

The Multix is constructed of 45C steel and includes 5mm and 6mm hex bits, a 17mm axle wrench, an open wrench with 14mm and 15mm fittings, a 3.3mm tool for spokes, and a lockring tool. You can get it alone or in its own leather carrying case complete with bike tire levers and a patch kit to flesh out and aid with your roadside repairs. [Purchase]

Bombtrack Multix Tool 2

Bombtrack Multix Tool 3

Bombtrack Multix Tool 4