This Short-Throw HDR Projector Can Display 4K Movies At Sizes Of Up To 200″

Over the last year, the ultra-short-throw (or UST) projector market has experienced an enormous influx of activity, with leading global electronics outfits like THX and Samsung tapping into this emerging A/V sector. And while we’ve seen some impressive UST projector models in recent months, none represent as significant of a step forward for the technology as Bomaker’s new Polaris 4K Laser TV UST Projector.

Boasting genuine 4K definition, this advanced unit can project a 200” display from just 30” away (or a 100” display from only 10” back). The unit’s specs are all pretty impressive, with the UST projector featuring 2,500 peak ANSI lumens, 1.7-GHz processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of solid-state storage, and support for HDR10. There are also inputs for S/PDIF, RCA, HDMI and USB 2.0, and Miracast functionality for wirelessly mirroring smartphone screens. The projector’s audio is as top-shelf as its video, thanks to a built-in soundbar that’s equipped with DTS and Dolby audio codecs, plus the system’s WiFi-connectivity allows it to double as a Bluetooth speaker. The Bomaker Polaris 4K Laser TV UST Projector is currently available through an Indiegogo campaign starting at $1,999—reportedly a 30% discount over the final MSRP.

Indiegogo: $2,000+