Silver’s 85-Meter ‘Bold’ Is A Battleship-Inspired Luxury Superyacht

In the world of superyachts, luxury is everything and no expense is spared to bring fantasies to life for those looking to set sail in the sea of opulence. But in a world where bigger is seemingly better, SilverYachts is known to break the mold with their low-profile battleship-inspired vessels, and ‘Bold,’ the newest addition to their fleet, follows in the wake of efficient and accessible hull design.

The 85-meter craft is an aluminum vessel designed by Espen Øino and built by hand in Fremantle, Western Australia by a team of over 150 craftsmen. Claimed as their most fuel-efficient hull shape to date, the semi-displacement monohull allows for a top speed of 24-knots and a range of 4,500 nautical miles at 18-knot cruising speeds and has a short enough draft to allow entry to shallower depths than most yachts of similar size. With a capacity of 37 crew and guests, the ‘Bold’ features front and rear boom cranes, limo tender, and a helipad — offering more than enough room to haul all of the accouterments needed for a leisurely life at sea.

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