Boker’s ‘Shamsher’ Is A Tiny California-Legal Automatic Flipper Knife

Though it’s just now receiving its Böker debut, the Shamsher design actually started its life several years ago. Originally the product of a collaboration between Stan Mojzis of Brno Born Custom Knives and Darriel Castron, the former was responsible for the Shamsher’s design while the latter handled its aesthetics. Now, however, the little automatic knife is back for more, this time leaving the world of customs behind to enter life anew as a bonified production model.

Featuring a drop point blade made from D2 steel and measuring 1.97 inches long, the Shamsher knife may be small but it skews heavily towards stubby dagger. What’s more is that because of its pocket-sized stature, it falls well within California Penal Code regulations for automatic knives, making this a capable addition to your EDC loadout. And with its unique deployment mechanism — a lever on the spine that operates like a flipper but is separate from the blade tang — this little knife offers simple single-handed opening. Available with black G10 and copper scales, the Shamsher weighs in at 2.19oz and 3.21oz respectively. You can pick it up today from Böker’s website from $70.

Purchase: $70+