Boker Plus Chicken Hawk

Never judge a book by its cover -or a tomahawk by its name. The Chicken Hawk, while sounding more like an insult than a serious tomahawk is one such example. Built by Böker, this battle ax -their first by the way- boasts a length of just under 23 cm, making it more versatile and transportable than other battle axes in the space.

Designed by famed American knife maker DJ Urbanovsky, each battle ax hosts an axe head made from 6.3mm of D2 blade steel and a handle featuring high-strength G-10 scales for a secure and comfortable grip. It’s also ergonomically shaped for ease of use and favors a choked grip for more precision handling. The Chicken Hawk comes with a Kydex sheath along with an included strap for easy carry as well. But seeing how it only weighs 1.2 pounds, you’ll barely even notice this convenient yet lightweight tomahawk in your bugout bag anyway. This indestructible tactical tool is available now for $157. [Purchase]