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Böker’s New Chef Knives Are Made To Acquire A Unique Patina Over Time

Regardless of the various types of treatments and finishing processes used on materials, there’s ultimately no match for the unique charm of a well-developed patina earned out of years of use and subtle wear and tear. And this was the philosophy behind Böker Manufaktur Solingen’s latest release: the Patina Chef’s Knife Collection — a new kitchen series.

Comprised of a 12.6″ carving knife, an 8.27″ office knife, and a 12.99″ chef’s knife — all of which are die-forged and processed by hand in Solingen, Germany and feature full-tang construction. Paired with either chestnut or birch wood handles, the knives are made from a non-stainless 01 carbon steel, which will take on a unique appearance when exposed to acidic foods, with the oxidization process darkening the steel. Interestingly, exposing the steel to acidic substances also affords some natural resistance to rust. Böker is also offering a limited edition Damascus steel-version of the Chef’s knife that’s limited to only 50 units worldwide. The Böker Patina Chef’s Knife Collection has been priced at $219 for the office knife, $259 for the carving knife, $299 for the chef’s knife, and $1,899 for the LE Damascus chef knife — the latter of which is available now, while the rest will be available in the coming weeks.

Purchase: $219+