Boker Merlin Damascus Masterpiece Folding Knife

Though the original creation process is lost to history, modern Damascus steel is still one of the finest and most desirable knifemaking materials in the world — notable for its strength, durability, and beauty. If you’re a Damascus fiend like us, then we’ve got some good news: Boker just unveiled their Merlin Damascus Masterpiece folding knife.

According to the brand, this Wilfried Gorski-designed cutting tool is made from “100% Damascus.” And while the pivot and hardware don’t appear to be made from the legendary steel, it does appear that the blade, handle scales, back spacer, and interlock slider all are. And that makes this one of the most unique knives ever built. Limited to just 398 examples — 199 for the U.S. and 199 for Europe — each one also comes with a certificate of authenticity, a coded serial number, and presentation packaging. Of course, this elite blade comes at a high price: $1,159 each. But that’s what you pay for perfection.

Purchase: $1,159