Boker’s Kalashnikov Auto Knife Is Tough & Tactical Yet Sleek Enough For EDC

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Namesakes are a tricky business, as living up to legends can be a difficult task to manage. Yet, sometimes, the stars align and the results are exactly what one might hope for. That’s the case with Boker’s Kalashnikov Dagger automatic knife, which draws its inspiration right from the rifle of the same name — also known as the AK-47.

With a reputation for reliability, the Kalashnikov rifle is sturdily built without any extraneous adornments. It seems the folks at Boker took that function-first ethos to heart when crafting this knife, as its AUS-8 steel drop point blade is as durable as it is dependable and both versatile and easy to maintain. Pair that with textured aluminum handle scales and you’ve got yourself a lightweight EDC folder with just enough of a tactical edge to stand out from the crowd without being overbearing. Finally, the whole handsome 7.625″ cutting tool can be opened swiftly and without frustration thanks to an included automatic opening mechanism. But the best part of all (and perhaps the hardest to believe) is that you can have all of that and more for just $43.

Purchase: $40+