Boie USA Toothbrush

Mar 30, 2017

Category: Grooming

Toothbrushes are one of those things that we don’t really give that much thought to. You use them until they’re trashed, then you toss them and buy some more the next time you are at the store. End of story. Boie USA is trying to change that cycle of behavior with their brand new toothbrush.

Made from an antibacterial, medical grade elastomer with embedded strands of silver this toothbrush won’t only outlast the brush you (hopefully) used this morning, but it’ll be gentler on your gums and enamel in the process. Don’t, however, take that for a sign of weakness. While this American made brush won’t irritate your gums, it will bust up plaque something serious. And when all that cleaning eventually does end up wearing down the bristles on the brush, you can simply order replacements instead of tossing the whole brush out into the trash. You can get this fancy brush delivered right to your door for $12. [Purchase]

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