Boeing ‘Loyal Wingman’ Drone

Innovative technology has been something of a darkhorse lately, and while the biggest companies on the planet have been focusing on the transition toward artificial intelligence, Boeing has taken it upon themselves to lead the way for aviation-focused AI endeavors. Their newly introduced Airpower Teaming System (ATS) promises to be the company’s greatest contribution yet.

The ATS will focus on an unmanned, autonomous aircraft that will be piloted alongside modern-day military assets, providing a disruptive advantage for allied forces and unmanned missions as the “wingman of tomorrow.” The aircraft will offer a customizable platform that can be reconfigured based on mission type, squad-necessity, and range — providing military forces with a solution for multiplicative force and air power projection. The 38-foot drone boasts fighter-like performance, integrated sensors that will focus on intelligence, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare, and a 2,000 nautical mile range for essential mission readiness. The ATS is slated to get to work sometime in 2020 when the platform’s first test flight will take place.

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