Body Dryer: Dyson Airblade for Your Body

Imagine being allergic to towels. Getting ready in the morning would take about three hours to fully drip dry. You’d die single, unemployed, and most likely, damp. The Body Dryer could be the cure.

This is just like those Dyson Airblades that are used in public restrooms instead of paper towels, only much more ambitious. This dries the whole glorious body. It’s only a little bit bigger than a scale, but the highly-compressed ionized air apparently gets delivered at all the key angles, whisking all the water off your skin in just about 30 seconds. Once the right amount of air has been collected into the pressurized chamber, it’s sent out from the nozzles in the foot plate, creating a little mini-twister of fast fresh air. It also comes with variable temperature controls, so your jewels won’t freeze or burn. The Body Dryer is in the functional prototype stage right now, but an IndieGoGo campaign is planned with a $125 price tag, and an eventual $250 retail asking price. [Purchase]