Boblbee Backpacks

If you’re an avid motorcycle rider looking to not only carry things around but protect yourself as well, then the Boblbee Backpack has got you covered. They’ve garnered some serious support over the years and for good reason too. They’re lightweight, offer exceptional storage space and a bit of protection to daily riders.

Each Boblbee hosts an impact protective ABS shell, a CE level 2 back protector, ergonomics waist support and ventilated foam back panel to keep everything cool and comfortable. There’s space for a 15-inch laptop and hydration, a detachable phone pocket, and a waistband attachment among other optional accessory add-ons. It’s designed to distribute the force of a point of impact over as large an area as possible thus protecting your back against a potentially damaging direct impact. The hard shell also creates a shock absorption zone adding further protection to the rider. In addition, the top is secured with a safety lock and side loops for easy access and security. It’s the perfect option for commuters interested in protecting their valuables and well-being while in transit. Prices start at $206. [Purchase]

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