BMW’S X5 VR6 Protects Against AK-47 Bullets And Grenades

For VIP clientele traveling to dangerous parts of the globe, you can hit the road in a street tank or cruise around in a more sophisticated ride. The BMW X5 Protection VR6 is a sleek SUV built to take a beating from bullets and bombs.

For superiority in any scenario, the Protection VR6 is here to get you from point A to B and back in one piece. It fulfills the requirements for class VR6 in line with the internationally recognized test criteria of the VPAM. The superior SUV is constructed from high-strength steel, 33 mm glass, and an internal polycarbonate layer. You’ll also find overlapping armor plates at the door gaps and bodywork joints. The burly construction of the VR6 allows it to withstand bullets blasted from an AK-47 and explosions from up to 15kg of TNT that go off four meters away. And there’s an armored floor in case assailants roll a hand grenade underneath the vehicle. You can also reinforce the roof for protection against drone attacks dropping C4 explosives. If you purchase the 523 horsepower ride, you’ll be offered lessons on how to drive the SUV in defensive scenarios. No pricing or release date information is available yet, but expect a six-figure price tag.

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