BMW & Kith Are Releasing A Shadowy Limited-Edition M4 Competition Coupe

BMW and Kith have been on a roll with their recent collaborations. Just last week, the brand revealed one of the largest partnerships in recent history, releasing a large, street-informed apparel collection, as well as a unique study on Kith owner Keith Haring’s old-school E30. At the time, the classic car was accompanied by a similarly-styled BMW M4, leaving collectors frothing at the mouth.

Now, the automotive outfit has announced that it will, in fact, release a lineup of Kith-branded Competition Coupes — although, they won’t be available in Cinnabar Red. Instead, the upcoming BMW x Kith M4 Competition Coupes will make their debut under the shroud of darkness. Each midnight-black offering will receive an aesthetically-astute makeover, including an optional carbon-fiber roof, hybridized Kith x BMW logos, and plaques, and a set of tri-color M Carbon bucket seats nestled within the cockpit. Exclusive interior badging makes an appearance alongside the M4’s premium Merino leather upholstery, embossed lettering, and distinct center console. However, if Frozen Black isn’t your bag, you’ll also be able to pick up the limited-to-150 BMW x Kith collab in Frozen Brilliant White or Dark Silver, giving you plenty of options to flex your stylish muscles.

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