BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

Every concept car is a hopeful imagining of some better, sleeker, and sexier future. The way BMW’s Vision Next 100 concept is looking – we hope we can stick around long enough to live in this particular vision of tomorrow.

Released in celebration of 100 years of business, this car is part prediction of where the future of driving will end up, and part BMW just showing off. The company has gotten rid of the dashboard display in favor of a windshield that serves as an augmented reality screen. On it, you get your rear-view, speed, and alerts about objects on the road. Replacing your standard speedometer on the dash is an ‘Alive Geometry’ technology that communicates and responds to the gestures from both the driver and passengers.

While the concept looks more like a spaceship than it does a car, it still comes with the classic BMW pendant on the wheels and kidney grille. For driving, BMW has given the car two modes – ‘Boost’ or ‘Ease’, which is really just a fancy way of saying that you can drive it, or it can drive you. That seems to be the biggest takeaway from this concept – that BMW hasn’t quite given up on the idea of designing cars people can actually drive. For that, we are thankful.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 1

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 3

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 03

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 4

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 5