BMW R90/6 ‘Golden Beauty’ By Pasquale Motors

The legendary city of El Dorado is believed to be one of the world’s greatest undiscovered wonders and the crowning jewel of Colombia’s Muisca native culture. To this day, the mythical location has eluded the penetrating view of researchers and explorers, alike — but Pasquale Motors’ glorious “Golden Beauty” might just be the missing link.

Pasquale’s El Dorado-inspired BMW R90/6 is art in its truest form, taking on a handcrafted tank and chassis that work together seamlessly. Tailored knee indentations and a minimalistic, straight-line frame draw an onlooker’s eyes to the bike’s stripped and refined midsection, highlighting a dual-rider board-seat. To emphasize the moto’s tantalizing tank as a centerpiece, Pasquale opted for hand-selected tubing that would retain the same radii as the wheels, creating an unobscured line-of-sight toward the bike’s engine and fuel reservoir. An immaculate golden paint was applied to commemorate the bike’s cultural (and mythical) influence — a testament to this legendary one-off cycle.

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