BMW R80 Sidecar Motorcycle By Kingston Custom

Photos: Anna Gala

While we love the prospect of getting out on the road atop a motorcycle, most bikes offer a pretty solitary experience. Even putting someone on the back is less like you’re riding with someone and more like hauling gear, since you can’t see one another. But there is a solution for those that want to take someone else (human or 4-legged) out on the road: a sidecar motorcycle, like this gorgeous R80 from Kingston Custom.

Done up in a stunning combination of pearly white and light brown leather, this R80/7 bike was actually sourced with a Ural sidecar already attached. Which was both a boon and a challenge for builder, Dirk Oehlerking, who ended up having to change out quite a bit to maintain his vision. For instance, the end build features a frame from a R80 RT, a bolt-on sub-frame of the brand’s own design, a slim bench seat, a clever finned tail light (also from Kingston), a Hattech exhaust system, and a whole lot more. They even had to swap out the Ural sidecar body for a smaller, sleeker one from a Moto Guzzi T3. It looks, however, like all that hard work was more than worth it, as this bike is a motorized piece of art. [H/T: Bike EXIF]
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