BMW R80 by Sander Ilves

Recycling a crashed motorcycle is always a tough thing to do. Determining what parts are re-usable, salvageable or simply too broke to fix can be a headache. But, it’s usually worth trying to fix up instead of scrapping altogether, and when the result is something as gorgeous as this BMW R80, it makes it all the more worth it.

This ’84 BMW R80 took a crash before being fixed up by 26-year-old Sander Ilves, an Estonian resident who had a small budget and zero help. All of the work was done solely by him in his cold, Estonian garage. The result is a bike that has been brought into the 21st century by being slimmed down and smoothed out. The engine’s air heads have been removed, rebuilt and torqued back down onto new gaskets. Ilves created a set of 2-1 stainless pipes that finish in a raw metal muffler mounted close to the frame. Instead of painting the engine, it was simply cleaned. And instead of the standard two up seating, it now supports a slimline single seat with just enough padding for comfort. [Via]

BMW R80 by Sander Ilves 2

BMW R80 by Sander Ilves 3

BMW R80 by Sander Ilves 4

BMW R80 by Sander Ilves 5

BMW R80 by Sander Ilves 6

BMW R80 by Sander Ilves 7