BMW R45 Pure by Ton-Up Garage

When builders want to put together the perfect city bike, most start with a bare bones cafe racer. They’re small, quick and agile. But most of all, they absorb a customized look with ease. Ton-up Garage, however, didn’t want to take that route. Instead, they used a bike that doesn’t see a whole lot of shop time, the BMW R45. Of course, we don’t have to mention how they did with the final build. We think images speak louder than words with this one.

Ton-Up Garage was initially attracted to this bike for its smaller stature, lighter weight and punchy little 35hp, 473cc boxer twin engine. The build started with a full strip-down of the bike. They fabricated a new rear sub-frame, new rear shocks, and then rebuilt the forks. Also, a new headlight grill was made, set into place, then a pair of matching enduro-style fenders were added, and a pair of spoked rims outfitted in off-road rubber replaced the original wheels. The finished product is a stunning work of art, to say the least. A list of additional modifications and information can be found on the Ton-Up Garage site. Interested parties can also purchase the bike featured by making an inquiry. We’re not sure of the price but rest assured we’re sure it’s worth it.

BMW R45 Pure By Ton-Up Garage 5

BMW R45 Pure By Ton-Up Garage 2

BMW R45 Pure By Ton-Up Garage 4

BMW R45 Pure By Ton-Up Garage 3