BMW R45 by Ton-Up Garage

The diminutive BMW R45 commands a much larger presence with this flawless custom job by Portugal’s Ton-Up Garage.

After an amateur builder put the preliminary work in, the Ton-Up team said, “Hang on a sec. Let’s do this right.” After a complete tear-down, a new rear sub-frame was fabricated, new rear shocks were lined up, the forks were rebuilt, and a new headlight grill was designed and set in place. The new wheels feature spoked rims and some serious off-road rubber, syncing nicely with the matching enduro-style fenders. The classic off-road handlebar with brown grips makes for a perfect match for the brown and cream color scheme. Zipping in and out of traffic is a breeze with the R45’s 35hp, 473cc boxer twin, though whomever is handling this particular R45 will want to slow down so everyone can get a good look.

BMW R45 by Ton-Up Garage 1

BMW R45 by Ton-Up Garage 2

BMW R45 by Ton-Up Garage 3

BMW R45 by Ton-Up Garage 4

BMW R45 by Ton-Up Garage 5