BMW R1200R ‘White Venom’ By VTR Customs

There are plenty of folks out there who would suggest against trying to come up with a idea for a custom bike while having a few beers. Thankfully, the Swiss customizers at VTR Customs didn’t heed that advice when coming up with this bat-sh*t insane BMW R1200R racing bike they’ve dubbed ‘Veneno Blanco.’

Spanish for “White Poison,” this bike was specifically envisioned for racing in a 1/8th mile sprint cup – in which there are no limitations on displacement, aspiration type, or fuel. As such, this bike features gorgeous and beefy Öhlins front forks, Brembo calipers and discs around BST carbon wheels, Magura HC3 Brake and Clutch pistons, and more. What’s really crazy, however, is that the 170 horsepower engine is also fitted with a NOS nitrous kit – essentially making it a street rocket you stick between your legs. Needless to say, this track-only monster is one of a kind. We’re just not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

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