VooDoo’s BMW R100RS ‘Prometheus’ Is A Dirt-Devouring Tracker

The world of aftermarket motorcycle modification is large and daunting, but the BMW R100RS has painstakingly served as a familiar platform for both amateur, and professional customizers, alike. Aside from its reputation as a beautifully-defined model from Beemer’s storied past, the R100RS has taken on a modernized role as one of many quintessential variants for aftermarket design — and now, Spain’s VooDoo Garage has added to that list with the “Prometheus.”

While the blacked-out BMW R100RS Scrambler isn’t a strict departure from the brand’s other builds, or even the common Airhead modification method, for that matter, VooDoo’s approach is as calculated as ever. After stripping the bike of its cumbersome bodywork, the team took to the drawing board to create something a bit more rambunctious, calling upon a specially-contrived two-into-one exhaust system, under-seat exit, modified subframe, MX-styled footpegs, and adjustable mono-shock on the rear to give the bike a formidable demeanor. Coupled with the R100RS’s customized front engine cover, transparent window sections, and sectioned acrylic taillight system, the off-road romper bares the mark of a tried and true tracker, albeit with a much more specialized attribution and high-end peripherals. Head to VooDoo Garage’s website for more information on the build.

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