BMW R100 R Mystic by Vincent Degano

The idea of a cafe racer is to strip all non-essential parts to make the bike as light and quick as possible, but it should still look good while getting the job done. Vincent Degano took this last point to heart when he went to work transforming a BMW R100 R Mystic into this copper clad creation.

Getting started with a lackluster R100 R Mystic, Vincent immediately addressed the slouchy posture of the stock unit by fitting a sport bike style front end to give a much more aggressive stance, which required some additional tooling to accept the new fork and brakes with the stock wheel. The engine was given a complete overhaul, including etching before fresh paint, and a thorough cleaning of the stock carbs to prep the 980cc boxer for sprints between coffee shops. The glaringly obvious feature of this build is the paint, with a copper powder coat for the frame, forks, carbs and shock spring, plus the faux metallic copper paint sprayed on the tank and rear cowl, making this bike hotter then your lattè.

Purchase: $21,600+