BMW R nineT ‘V nineT’ By Vagabund Moto

While designing custom motorcycles might be a specialty of Austria’s Vagabund Moto, the reality of Europe’s bespoke cycle scene is a little less promising. To combat the various restrictions set on overseas builders thanks to the TUV system, the company has devised an entirely adherent series of new motos that not only meet the standard set forth by the central European countries but exceed them in all the right ways.

Vagabund’s newest “V nineT” project utilizes one of the custom bike community’s favorite platforms, the BMW R nineT — endowing the chivalrous two-wheeler with a slew of new body parts, housings, and upholstery that successfully navigate their country’s infamous standardization process. For most custom builders, the inability to weld, grind, or deform the frame in any way is nothing short of a death sentence — but thanks to extensive 2D mapping paired with perfectly tailored, 3D-printed parts, the Austrian company has helped the BMW take on a life of its own. Four different styles of the bike will be available for purchase, from a basic reinterpretation of the original platform, all the way to a truly custom top-end build. Motogadget, Remus, and Rizoma are just a few of the companies included in the tailored build — bringing the TUV- and BMW-approved bike into the hands of a lucky few who are interested in procuring the handsome cycle. Orders for the customized V nineT are open now and will set you back nearly $32,000.

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