BMW R nineT Scrambler By JvB-Moto

While there are plenty of custom BMW bikes out there that make it onto our radar, very few are impactful enough to leave a lasting impression on us. Even fewer are officially sanctioned by the brand themselves. This one, an R nineT Scrambler from JvB-Moto, is both. And that makes it very special.

Jens vom Brauck, the brains behind JvB-Moto and this BMW Motorrad-approved build, sees the BMW R nineT as a “small bike with a big engine,” and so he wanted to capitalize upon those very qualities with this custom job. To accomplish that, he went so far as to slim down the body work even further – which is evident in the much narrower and shorter fuel tank. He also modified it to add dual air intakes with carbon fiber covers, altered the electronics layout, changed the position of the ABS system to suit the slimmer build, and worked in some discreet LED turn signals. All in all, JvB-Moto managed to take an already superb bike, infuse it with some impressive modernity, and slim the whole thing down while keeping the intimidation factor entirely intact.

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