BMW R nineT Scrambler By Ares Design

Scrambler motorcycles have roots that date back as far as the 1920s, during which time English riders were known to race one another across the countryside on bikes modified specially for the uneven rocky, muddy, and/or gravely terrain. Now, to pay homage to those scrappy little bikes of old, the folks at Ares Design have produced this gorgeous and elevated version — their take on a BMW R nineT scrambler.

While the bike is certainly a stunner, it’s the hidden details that really make her a special treat. For instance, the tank, license plate holder, and headlight housing are all built from carbon fiber — and other bits are crafted from black anodized aluminum, like the handlebar grips and mirrors. The engine is nothing to scoff about either — a two-cylinder boxer with an output of 110 horsepower. To cope, Ares also gave her a new oversized braking system with ABS and Continental TCK 80 well-tried multi-use tires that are good to go on solid asphalt or rough, loose ground. A perfect blend of throwback styling and solid functionality, this moto is a masterpiece.

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