BMW R Ninet ‘Bétisse’ By VTR Customs

When creating a custom motorcycle, the drawing board is often full of inspirational ideas — but some shine more brightly than others. As an homage to one of his favorite retro motorcycle companies, Dani Weidmann of VTR Customs decided to channel his inner youth for this beautiful BMW R Ninet build named the “Bétisse.”

The Bétisse harkens back to Weidmann’s years as an apprentice at Meier & Lutziger, where he came to admire the classic, desert-oriented Rickman motorcycles that he saw on a daily basis. To create a replica of one of his favorite platforms, the Rickman Triumph Métisse, VTR’s founder decided to utilize the BMW R Ninet as his weapon of choice, due to a close relationship with the notable BMW dealer, Stucki2Rad. Calling upon the nostalgic look of the original Métisse, the shop began to fabricate an all-aluminum body kit for the bike, as well as a straight fly line from the front, to the rear of the cycle. A bolt-on subframe and bespoke exhaust system create the perfect foundation for the Bétisse’s two-into-one header, alongside an Akrapovič connector and a handsome baby blue polished alloy colorway that speaks volumes for the bike’s heritage roots. To complement the moto’s race-oriented style, a lifted stance via Wilbers shocks and forks, a pair of knobby Continental TKC80 tires, and custom leather upholstery serve to round out the commemorative cycle.

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