BMW R NINE T Scrambler ‘Husky’ By Nagel Motors

We’ve seen custom bikes built for the city, ones made to tear up the dunes, and even motorcycles that look like they can break the sound barrier. But one venue we hardly ever see 2-wheelers built for is mountains in the winter. But that’s exactly the landscape where the BMW R NINE T Scrambler ‘Husky’ by Nagel Motors thrives.

Built specifically to compete in the Harley & Snow hillclimb event, this bike was delivered stock to Nagel by BMW Motorrad – but little of that original beast remains. The exhaust was swapped out for a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde system, it was equipped with a modified subframe and a wealth of K2 Sports parts, an extended swing arm, and SW-Motech crash protectors. The resulting bike is something otherworldly, even a stand-out amongst the seasoned competitors in the unique winter racing event. You might think a snowmobile might be better once the powder starts falling from the sky, but we imagine this gnarly bike is a lot more fun.

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